• Kathryn Foot

Why you NEED to be using LinkedIn

It's 2018, if you're not on LinkedIn, then you should be.

If you have a profile, but never use it. Why not?

It's a powerful social networking tool and when used properly helps promote who you are, shows your offer of value (i.e. your personal brand) and can build a network of key influencers. You can use it to cultivate mutually beneficial, strategic relationships, with people that could potentially help you in your career, your role or your business.

Recruiters use it.

LinkedIn is one of the biggest recruitment sites, if you are looking for a career change or a new role then can you afford not to be using it? They scour LinkedIn for potential new candidates, looking for keywords (not buzzwords) and thoughtful recommendations.

They will use it as a reference point.

If they want to check that you are the person you say you are on your CV, then they just need to search for you on LinkedIn, and trust me, they do. Depending on the research, this is anything from 80% - 90% of recruiters. If they can't find you, they may ask themselves why - what are you hiding? There are also plenty of others on the platform that they can find.

You might be on LinkedIn and have acheived that all star profile, but are you using it to your advantage? Are you actually talking to your network?

As a trainer specialising in LinkedIn, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of people that have a profile, but are not confident enough to use their voice and excuses vary:


"I don't know what to say"

"Who wants to listen to me?"

Don't listen to that internal chatter, manage it, silence it (there will be a post on how to do this soon) and start using LInkedIn to your advantage.

There’s a huge amount of noise on LinkedIn. It's a busy, busy platform. It has over 500 million users – a number that’s growing daily.

If you have a business - that's 500 million potential customers.

So get out there and make an impact.

Make your presence felt.

Don't allow yourself to be ignored.

My next posts will be focused on using LinkedIn effectively, starting with creating a winning headline and summary.

Let me know if you have any questions on this subject!

Until next time.