• Kathryn Foot

How to Negotiate a Payrise

This is my first contribution to an online article, featured in Grazia Daily, on how to successfully negotiate a pay rise (I was part of the Careercake team at this time).

The advice works! I recieved this email from a client I helped in January 2018:

"Thanks for the great advice Kath, I have just heard from my manager and they have agreed to give me a payrise, more hours and a review in 6 months!"

If you can prove your value, and know your worth, then find the confidence to request a meeting to discuss your situation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Here's the link.

Get yourself a coffee (or any refreshment!) and have a read!

I hope it inspires you to negotiate the pay you deserve.

#Careers #confidence #Payrise

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